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Traditions Ciderworks works exclusively with smaller fruit producers as well as utilizing fruit from our own orchards. All of Traditions Ciderworks' ciders are made using cider specific fruit.

Ciders Available Now

Amity - Bittersweet Cider

Originating among the English hedge rows, bittersweet cider apples now grow in the Oregon countryside, where gentle breezes and misting rains mirror their native climate.

Made with fresh-pressed, hand-picked bittersweet apples—including Kingston Black, Dabinett and Porters Perfection—the Amity bittersweet cider exhibits the complex and tannic profile of its old world heritage. Fermented with traditional English cider yeast, the Amity pays homage to a time long past, but a style never forgotten.

6.5% ABV, 750ml

Afton Field - Farmhouse Cider

As settlers moved across the rugged landscape of the West, they brought with them a staple of the frontier—cider apples. These orchards still dot the Oregon countryside today, a testament to their tenacity.

Using fresh-pressed, hand-picked pioneer apples, the Afton Field cider ferments in oak barrels and is bottle conditioned with wild Brettanomyces yeast. Bone dry, un-filtered and un-compromising, this farmhouse cider is wild at heart and at home on the rustic table.
6.5% ABV, 750ml

Riverwood - New World Brut Cider

The New World presented newcomers with a land full of potential for growth and creativity. These settlers used the opportunity to carve a new life for themselves, unhindered by old bonds.

Inspired by sparkling brut champagnes of the past, the Riverwood cider is a contemporary take on a classic. Slow fermentation at cold temperatures allows the intense passion-fruit aromas of freshly picked and pressed Jonagold apples to flourish. Dry, bright and floral, this New World cider brings the brut-style out of the past and into the present.

6.9% ABV, 750ml

Pommeau - Apple Port

Our Pommeau is made from locally grown traditional bittersweet cider apples which are hand-harvested and ‘sweated’ at cool temperatures. After the apples have sweetened, the fresh-pressed juice is lightly fermented and then aged with Clear Creek apple eau de vie. Our Pommeau is then matured in French oak barrels for one year. The result is a tremendously complex apple Pommeau that blossoms with aromas of fresh-pressed cider, dried fruit, and wood. This bottle will improve with cellaring for up to 20 years.

19% ABV, 375ml